Strange Rocks by Oliver Emanuel

Fri 22 Jan - Fri 29 Jan 2021
£8 for both Strange Rocks & Undocumented

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A Mull Theatre Production

Strange Rocks
by Oliver Emanuel

Performed by Ashley Smith and Simon Donaldson
Directed by Beth Morton

Cinematography                  Jamie Wardrop
Composer                               Simon Liddell
Set and Costume Design  Jessica Brettle
Lighting Design                    Jamie Wardrop
Sound Design                        Martin Low

A blocked writer pulls a woman from the sea. She is dead. He takes her back to his cottage on a Scottish island where he lives and works alone. He lays the body on the kitchen table and… that’s when things start to get interesting.

He imagines the person she was and that imagining brings her to life. A miraculous friendship emerges and yet... all too soon it will end.

Or will it?

An unbelievable romance about finding an answer to a riddle you never knew you needed answering.

Taking place over one night in spring, two strangers try to figure out what happened in their pasts and imagine what the future might hold.



Age Guidance: 14 +

Pre-booking is available for both plays together as a series only and pre-booked tickets will be valid for 48 hours from 8pm on 22 January. After 22 January tickets for each play can either be purchased separately or together for the remainder of the run, with tickets being valid for either 24 or 48 hours after purchase respectively.

Please note the time zone on our ticket sales link states 3pm Pacific Time, which translates to 8pm GMT/UTC

Warning: This play introduces themes of suicide.

Strange Rocks by Oliver Emanuel is here

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Photograph: Sarah Darling Photography