Mediocre White Male

From 7.30pm each day
Sat 24 Jul - Sat 31 Jul 2021
Pay What You Decide: £0, £10, £15 or £20

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Mediocre White Male

Cast Will Close
Based on the play by Will Close & Joe Von Malachowski
Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord
Director of Photography Mengting Zhuo
Producer Arch 468
Run time 70 mins

"Things change? Well I'm sick of change. Change is a thief."

30 years old, living in the same town all his life and trapped in a dead-end job where it seems like he can’t open his mouth without offending someone. Everything seems to be changing but him.

Obsessed with the past but unable to face it, he longs for a simpler time of Pokemon cards, school nicknames and stable pronouns.

But nostalgia is dangerous…

Mediocre White Male is a tragicomedy about being the antihero of our own story and the lies we tell ourselves to keep believing we’re the good guys.

The film will be available to watch from 7:30pm Saturday 24th July until midnight on Sunday 1st August.