Marianna Simnett: Blue Roses

Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm
Thu 30 Jul - Sat 24 Oct 2015
An Tobar, Tobermory
Free Admission

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In her new musical film, artist Marianna Simnett explores the behaviour of legs, and the back of the knee as a site of varicose veins, vulnerability, and control.

The film focuses on two unlikely protagonists: a sick, inert leg swollen with twisting blue veins (the Blue Roses of the title), which the artist gives voice to, and an army of cockroach ‘biobots’ – modified insects whose movements are remotely controlled by electrical pulses that buckle their limbs. 

Alternating between these two subjects, Simnett’s Blue Roses manages to make heroes of one of humankind’s most detested creatures – the cockroach – whilst questioning what is at stake when there is threat to that most vulnerable part of the body: the knee.
Marianna Simnett works with video and drawing. Her videos often involve collaborations with non-actors playing versions of themselves in heightened, suspended realities. Blue Roses continues the themes of Simnett’s previous work, in which an isolated body part becomes a central protagonist, dismembered from its original locus and shape-shifting into multiple identities.

Please join us for the opening of Blue Roses on Thu 30 July, 7-9pm, at An Tobar.