Lucy Woodley: Ultima Thule

Sat 1 Jun - Fri 9 Aug 2019
An Tobar Gallery

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Ultima Thule  
The farthest point, the limit of any journey.

Opening night Sat 1 June from 6-8pm. All welcome.

War, violence, poverty and persecution leaves at least one in every 122 humans on the planet a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum. []

Harrowing stories about migrants and their plight on television and radio motivated Lucy Woodley to produce this exhibition of multi–media sculptures. Working with silver and found objects, she expresses her responses to the subject using symbolism.

“Our world is in flux. We are being forced into reconfiguring our borders and along with them our identities. Ultima Thule, is my way of exploring the themes around migration, the hope and the trepidation that comes with any journey that traverses known and unknown territories.

In the context of a dehumanising rhetoric around immigration, I encourage empathy by means of storytelling. Each migrant is afforded varying legal status and privileges as well as spaces within the social and economic fabric of our communities. In exploring the humanity behind these journeys, the boat is seen abandoned, deserted and empty, or elevated as on object of reverence and place of worship. The fish is an ancient symbol of faith and hope with the black bird as an ominous onlooker observing the displaced.” [Lucy Woodley 2019]

The exhibition explores the outcomes of attempted journeys, it is informed by the emotive combination of hope, anticipation, fear and trepidation. Telling a timeless story spanning centuries, of migrants seeking a better life for loved ones. Timeless but so relevant today.