Braw Tales: The Night You Were Born By Ellie Stewart

Thu 13 May - Fri 13 May 2022
Free, with donations welcome

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A Mull Theatre Production
The Night You Were Born by Ellie Stewart

Written by Ellie Stewart
Performed by Daniela Nardini
Animated by John Kielty & James Kielty 
Music and sound design by John Kielty

Ellie Stewart’s The Night You Were Born is about Alyssa, a goatherd until Hannibal’s army passed through. Now she is hiding in a cherry orchard with an endearing companion. How did they become fugitives and where will they go next?  Alyssa tells the story of the night that changed her life.

Released at 1pm on Thursday 13 May through our Vimeo  channel
Suitable for ages 14 years and upwards
All videos will remain online for one year
You can donate here.