An Tobar Summer Sessions: Simon Liddell Music From Strange Rocks

09 Jul 2021

In 2020 Mull Theatre commissioned two new plays from Oliver Emanuel and Anita Vettesse. Strange Rocks and Undocumented were made for film because live theatre was out of the question last year. The results, directed by Beth Morton and filmed and edited by Jamie Wardrop, were outstanding and were released on An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s new digital platform as Emergence. 

Nearly a year later we are hoping once again to be able to emerge but live music doesn’t look like being able to take place in the same way for a while to come and An Tobar is still making music films to feed an obvious need among our audience for new music. 

Simon Liddell composed the music and sound design for Emergence working with some outstanding Glasgow-based musicians including Andy Monaghan and Jill O’Sullivan. Simon and Andy had worked in An Tobar before when, as members of the incredible band Frightened Rabbit, they spent a week here recording new songs for Owl John, a solo project by the sadly missed Scott Hutchison. Jill had previously sung on the Roddy Woomble album The Impossible Songs and Other Songs and also featured at the last of the fondly remembered Iona Village Hall Music Festivals.

With the addition of the brilliant Graeme Smillie who plays with Arab Strap and Karine Polwart among others, this was the team who came to Mull to film a live performance of the music from Strange Rocks.

Simon Liddell – guitar, keys, harmonium. 
Andy Monaghan – guitar. 
Jill O’Sullivan – violin.
Graeme Smillie – piano.