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Theatre Producer/Director & Chief Executive (CE)

03 Nov 2020

Job Title: Theatre Producer/Director & Chief Executive (CE)

Hours: 35 hours

Reports: Chair of An Tobar & Mull Theatre Board

Primary Relationships: Senior Staff (General Manager and An Tobar/Music Director) and Chair
Secondary Relationships: Freelance Creative Teams & Project Partners - Theatre Marketing Manager, Creative Communities Worker, Visual Arts Officer.

1. Purpose

To lead an already successful and long-established multi-arts organisation in the last year of our current funding and ensure our stability and growth through the next stage.  Overall responsibility for articulating and adhering to the vision and the artistic direction of An Tobar & Mull Theatre and the design and delivery of the organisation’s business plan. To focus on developing, in particular, Mull Theatre but also support the wide range of art forms that we provide.  Providing leadership and guidance when required to the other art form directors.

Work closely with the General Manager to ensure the company operates in a financially and legally competent manner.  Have final accountability for compliance with all statutory requirements, support General Manager with the ongoing monitoring, reporting on and implementation of all applicable organisation policies.

You will hold a position of Charity Trustee on the Board.

Key responsibilities

  • Direct responsibility for the creation and delivery of the theatre programmes for the organisation.
  • The CE will work closely with the Board and Senior Management Team, oversee and contribute to the timely development and ongoing implementation and review of the company’s business plan, and will support a strongly consultative, participatory, inclusive process for all staff and key partners.
  • To lead and build on a strong artistic policy and vision for An Tobar & Mull Theatre.
  • Have primary responsibility for the relationship between An Tobar & Mull Theatre and Creative Scotland, ensuring good communication on agreed outputs, monitoring requirements.
  • Establish clear, ambitious policy objectives, priorities, targets, and performance measures for the development of An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s multi-artform portfolio. 
  • In conjunction with the Senior Management Team, seek to realise the full potential of An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s unique venues and spaces.
    • Working with the Board and Senior Management Team ensure appropriate succession planning for the Board and recruitment and induction of new Board Members.
    • Conduct staff appraisals for the other members of the Senior Management Team, giving and receiving feedback on staff performance to contribute to the effective delivery of the artistic programme and high-quality customer service.
  • In collaboration with the General Manager, ensure funding applications are submitted to support the company’s strategic and artistic plans.
  • Review, develop and deliver the capital investment programme for An Tobar & Mull Theatre.
  • Attend Board meetings, contributing artistic, management and organisational reporting as per schedule of meetings.
  • Create and maintain local, regional, national, and international networks in pursuit of the success and profile of An Tobar & Mull Theatre.
  • Oversee the development of and contribute towards An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s creative learning and audience development strategies and associated programmes.
  • Development and delivery of An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s theatre programme within budget
  • Provide professional support for actors, playwrights, designers, theatre practitioners and other artists in deliverance of the programme
  • Identify and ensure sustainable means to take the theatre programmes beyond An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s venues, throughout Argyll and beyond
  1. Essential Skills and Experience
  • Specialist knowledge of the contemporary theatre sector within Scotland, the UK and internationally
  • Proven and extensive networks within the theatre sector, regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Acute financial understanding and proven fundraising capabilities
  • An ability to lead by example through excellent planning, organisational, time-management and follow-through skills
  • Good leadership and delegation skills, with an ability to communicate effectively and readily share information across the organization
  1. Person Specification
  • Confident and inspirational artistic leadership;
  • A deep-rooted conviction of the power of art and artists to affect communities, with an acute sensitively and awareness of artists’ needs
  • An evident desire to work cooperatively and creatively in furtherance of An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s artistic vision
  • An ability to influence others and gain support for ideas, proposals, projects, and solutions
  • An inspiring and motivational effect on other members of the team, with the capacity to encourage and foster commitment and passion for culture and creativity 
  • An understanding of An Tobar & Mull Theatre’s rural context, its geography, heritage and culture, and the impact and contribution of this in developing artistic policy
  • A commitment to fostering staff well-being, adopting a pastoral care responsibility for other team members
  • An open, flexible approach with a willingness to find new approaches and to seek out continual improvements in all aspects of the role
  • The capacity to listen to and empathise with other perspectives and opinions
  • Must be prepared to relocate to the Isle of Mull or at least work from Mull for most of the year.


Closing date:  4th December 2020

1st screen by our recruitment partner, Identify HR:  w/c 7th December 2020

Initial virtual interview by An Tobar & Mull Theatre:  Between 20th and 23rd December 2020

Final onsite interview for shortlisted candidate(s):  11th or 12th January 2021

Please send your application and CV to