Pinkie Maclure: It's 2020 - And I Miss My Mum

21 May 2021

Pinkie Maclure: 'It’s 2020 – And I Miss My Mum'

“I wanted to try and reflect the emotional intensity of 2020, so I'm using red and blue. The figures are a socially-distanced mother and daughter trying to communicate via cyberspace. The cables are wrapped around a breaking heart, which is surrounded by dozens of keys, droplets/tears and stars. The 'lost' keys represent lockdown.” [Pinkie Maclure 2020]

Tayport based stained-glass artist Pinkie Maclure, accepted a commission to make a two-piece window design. The brief for the work was simply that the design should reflect on life in 2020. We’re delighted to announce that windows are now installed above one of An Tobar’s main entrance doors.

Photo: Sarah Darling Photography.