Phone Call To The World

30 Jun 2021

Mull Youth Theatre are proud to have been invited to take part in ‘Phone Call To The World’

This is a global project commissioned by the British Council to explore climate change and the environmental crisis.

Two Mull Youth Theatre students, Louise and James Chauvet have been privileged to engage with young people from several continents on climate change issues that impact on them at local levels.

The global project, under the auspices of Scottish Youth Theatre, offered young artists a creative opportunity to share their understanding.

After several amazing workshops and rehearsals, Louise and James devised and performed their monologues in a single-take recording.

Their final creative work is to be shared on digital platforms in live locations around the world and at COP26, the Climate Summit in Glasgow from 1 – 12 November 2021. 

Find out more here:
Phone Call To The World