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Mandy Eaglen

22 Oct 2020

The staff and board at An Tobar and Mull Theatre are feeling shock and sadness at the loss of Mandy Eaglen, Board Member and co-Chair.

We knew Mandy was suffering from advanced cancer, and she was realistic about the progress of the illness, and the impact of the treatment. But that was never in the foreground of her relationship with An Tobar and Mull Theatre. She was focused on the people, the places, the programme and the issues.

She and her partner Carol had been living in Mull for a relatively short time and Carol has said how good it was that they came here four years ago. Not just for the open view – but for the people they got to know, the mutual support, the creative possibilities, and the chance to make a contribution to community life.

Which is also where we are just now. Thinking of the cafe at An Tobar, normally such a welcoming place, a hub of community life. It is just waiting for the word to open. Let us hope that will not be long – and that by the time it is possible to gather folk to celebrate the life of Mandy Eaglen, that space will be another sign of this creative community which she has helped to thrive.