Hector Shaw - Gravity

23 Oct 2020

Hopefully some of you will have caught Gravity, the recent single from Hector Shaw that was all over Scottish radio last month. Following a second single Paying The Price the EP collection of 5 songs, also called Gravity, will be released in late April.

Hector played Tobermory in 2019 in an opening set before the wonderful Karen Matheson, who happens to be his Mum.

An Tobar invited him back to record some of his astute, questioning music.

With Sorren Maclean producing and playing bass, Hannah Fisher weaving her perfect harmonies and the great Andrew Samson on drums, we got together in very careful circumstances last September, Gravity all fell in to place with all the arrangements drawing and pulling together quickly till it was mostly complete within 5 days.

Karen and Donald Shaw had been on Canna so on their way home they stopped by the studio and Donald was immediately roped into some essential piano. Hector has early memories touring with Capercaillie in Australia. They really did help to put Scotland on the international musical map.

Hector’s songs are very different but share a great sense of that supple groove taken from ethnic music. You’ll find great words and probing wisdom with musical influences from the golden age of 70s songwriters. He mentions John Martyn but throw in Cat Stevens, and from the 21st century, Laura Marling.

Obviously I liked seeing different generations working together. Hector has a lot to draw on and has the voice and musicianship to take it all somewhere new.

Gravity is out now on all streaming platforms here