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The GRIT Orchestra at Celtic Connections

01 Jan 2020

A triumphant opening concert this year at Celtic Connections with the excellent and exuberant GRIT Orchestra! The concert hall buzzed in anticipation with the orchestra featuring a hand-picked array of Scottish folk, jazz and classical artists including Gordon & Sorren Maclean, revisiting the music of the much-lamented Martyn Bennett.

With a new six-part piece commissioned to mark the looming 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath. That document was an assertion of Scottish autonomy, but bandleader Greg Lawson introduced the suite – composed by six members of the ensemble – as a celebration of the concept of freedom.

Conductor Greg Lawson said, “We must strive to be different and understand our differences – which will make us stronger.”

You can read the 4 star review from The Guardian here

Photography: Gaelle Beri