Funding Announcement for 2018-21

25 Jan 2017

Comar is pleased to announce that its application to Creative Scotland for Regular Funding for 2018-21 has been successful. We have been awarded £1,250,000 for the three-year period, equating to just over £416,000 per annum. This is what we received last time (2015-18) so represents standstill funding. 

This is clearly very good news for us, particularly in the context of the bigger picture of the RFO announcements, with 20 long-established companies, many of whom are friends and colleagues with whom we have worked, having lost their funding altogether. Our thoughts today are very much with them. The network of Regularly Funded organisations for 2018-21 will now consist of 116 organisations, of which 19 are new to Regular Funding.

In light of what Comar has come through, with the virtual reinvention of the company just two years ago, this represents a striking endorsement and gives us a clear mandate to take the company forward. It is a tribute to our staff and our board, and in particular to our supporter members and our community, who have worked so hard and so effectively to make the case for Comar. Without such wholehearted, practical and enthusiastic support from the people of Mull and Iona this could not have been achieved.

Update announced 6 February by Creative Scotland for enhanced Regular Funding 2018-2021 here