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Emergence is back in 2021

13 Jan 2021


Our Emergence season of 2020, two brand new plays for the theatre, staged and filmed for a digital run is making a comeback to brighten up those January Lockdown blues. 
Following the success of the plays last October, and just in case you missed them, you’ll have another chance to see Strange Rocks by Oliver Emanuel and Undocumented by Anita Vettesse from the 22nd to 29th of January from the comfort of your own home. Both plays are directed by Mull Theatre’s Director for 2020/21, Beth Morton, and performed by Ashley Smith (Scot Squad) and Simon Donaldson (Outlander and Scot Squad).

EMERGENCE is two stories of humanity that draw on ideas of isolation, connectivity, loss, change, and hope. Strange Rocks looks at imagination and connection. Taking place over one night in spring, two strangers recall what happened to them in their pasts and try to figure out what the future might hold. Undocumented is a hopeful love story (of sorts) about two people finding the strength to let go of the past and look to the future.

Director Beth Morton says “EMERGENCE for me is all about the spaces in between a world we are familiar with and an unknown world of the future that we're looking towards, and our basic human need for one another. We seem to still be existing in this limbo at the moment but our need for stories, theatre and connectivity are of course as ever present as always. When we embarked on making Strange Rocks and Undocumented last autumn it was partly in celebration of finding new ways to make exciting new work for our audiences to look forward to and by presenting the plays on our digital stage again during a time of a national lockdown we celebrate all the incredible artists and theatre makers out there who have once again been stopped in their tracks”

Here’s what the press said about the digital plays last year - 

"Beth Morton’s direction delivers a markedly different tone for each, using minimal viewpoint changes so the whole thing feels theatrical, while Jamie Wardrop’s lighting of Strange Rocks in warm orange and blue is also particularly striking."
"Vettesse’s drama is largely driven by a powerful monologue, beautifully delivered by Ashley Smith"
"Both plays, though, are beautifully presented by Mull Theatre director Beth Morton and her team"

" both plays, Ashley Smith and Simon Donaldson achieve an intensity of performance that would make any theatre-lover ache for the moment when we can get back into the same room as the performers we love to watch; the place where we can feel their breath, and the warmth of their passion for the stories they tell."
"Strange Rocks is a prime example of both film and theatre mediums working in complete harmony"
Strange Rocks by Oliver Emanuel and Undocumented by Anita Vettesse will run online from 22nd to 29thJanuary, tickets available HERE.