Announcement from Gordon Maclean

11 Jul 2021

After 25 years Gordon Maclean has decided to stand down as Music Director at An Tobar.

“This feels like a good time to make way for someone new and to begin another exciting personal chapter in life, one that allows more time for grandchildren. Gordon would like to thank everyone on the Board and staff over the years at An Tobar & Mull Theatre for their help and support and to thank all the many musicians and artists who have been a total inspiration throughout that time. Special thanks to so many people in the local community who really made everything possible.

An Tobar was founded by Mary Norton Sherbatskoy in the mid 1990s and then led by Gordon Maclean and Sheena Walker. It took 10 years from opening in 1997 to be invited by the Scottish Arts Council to become a 5-year Foundation Funded Organisation. This was followed some 6 years later by the formation of Comar, now a Creative Scotland Regular Funded Organisation, which after a few short years became An Tobar & Mull Theatre.

Those 25 years saw many concerts, commissions, exhibitions and recordings plus lots of support for emerging musicians, from Tobermory's own Tiszy to current BBC Radio 6 Music darling Hamish Hawk.

The pandemic brought challenges for everyone, but An Tobar & Mull Theatre created some excellent new work watched widely online. Two music/film series; Music For Winter Solitude and An Tobar Summer Sessions make for a representative final snapshot of musicians Gordon has worked with, in his time with the organisation.

Gordon would like to wish An Tobar & Mull Theatre (and all who sail in her) every success in the near and far future!

Gordon would like to especially thank the following people:
Mary Norton Sherbatskoy, Janet Nelson, Sheena Walker, Gillian Shaw, Robert Hicks, Brian Swinbanks, Mary Jean Devon, The Interim Board, Laura MacKenzie Stuart, Ester Morrison, Raymond MacDonald, Jan Sutch Pickard and all the current Board and finally every musician and artist who has worked in An Tobar, especially Martyn and Michael.”

AT&MT Chief Executive and Artistic Director Rebecca Atkinson-Lord said:
"Gordon has been a phenomenal contributor to the musical life of Mull over the last twenty-five years. His unstinting support of musicians and artists from the west coast and across Scotland has had an indelible impact on the cultural ecology of the nation. His vision has been uniquely valuable and his legacy is tremendous. Everyone at An Tobar & Mull Theatre wishes him the very best in this new chapter of his life."