Weekly Dance Classes

Thu 30 Nov 2017
An Tobar and Druimfin

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Dance & Drama Classes at Mull Theatre & An Tobar

All classes resume Tuesday 18 April 2017

From Ballet to Street, Jazz to Storytelling, we have a variety of fun and creative classes to get you moving, whatever age you are

Hip Hop Classes, £3
Mull Theatre 4.30pm-5.15pm ages 6-10
5.15-6pm ages 11-15

Adult Classes
Contemporary Dance/Jazz
Mull Theatre 6.30pm-7.30pm

Junior Youth Theatre, £3
Mull Theatre 4.15pm-5.15pm
Senior Youth Theatre, £3
Mull Theatre 5.15pm-6.30pm

Storytelling & Movement, £2, ages 3-5
An Tobar 1.30pm-2.15pm

Children's Dance Classes incorporating
Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Contemporary £3
All  at Mull Theatre
4.30pm-5.15pm for ages 4-5
5.15pm-6pm for ages 6-8
6pm-6.45pm for ages 8-10
6.45pm-7.30pm for ages 10-14

For more information please call Andi Stevens on 01688 302002 or 01688 302211.
Please check in advance for availability in each class.