Scottish Ensemble

Thu 31 Aug - Fri 1 Sep 2017
Mull Theatre & Bunessan Hall
£12/£10 for Mull Theatre & £6/£4 for Bunessan Hall

Box Office 01688 302211

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String Quintet No.3 in C major
String Quintet No.1 in F major
Capriccio in E minor

The string quintets of Mozart and Brahms are often heralded as being amongst the two composers’ most accomplished works – a bold but understandable claim once you’ve experienced the particular pleasure to be found in these perfectly formed pieces.

Join us at Mull Theatre as we share two of our favourites – Mozart’s absurdly lovely C major quintet, with its underlying dramas all bound together in satisfying lyrical sweeps, and Brahms’ gutsy, romantic adventure through contrasting musical styles.

Then on Friday 1 Sept we have Home Words, at Bunessan Hall. An evening of poetry and live music inspired by home. Scottish Ensemble musicians will provide a curated soundtrack between readings from a host of talented local poets.

Part of the Mull Residency 2017, three days of community and participatory events and concerts on Mull.