Aon Teanga: Un çhengey - A Gaelic Reunion

Fri 19 Jun 2015
An Tobar, Tobermory

Box Office 01688 302211

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Three expressive voices from the three Gaelic nations - Scottish, Irish and Manx - come together to celebrate the linguistic, musical and cultural connections. 

Mary Ann Kennedy, co-owner of Watercolour Music studios and one of Scotland's most influental musicians and broadcasters; Ruth Keggin, the leading vocalist of the Manx Gaelic revival, and Eoghan O Ceannabhain, acclaimed seannnos singer from a Connemara musical dynasty, are united by a common passion. Aon Teanga or Un çhengey - whichever way you spell it, it sounds and means the same: 'one tongue'. 

Comar and Watercolour Music have teamed up with Belfast's Gaelic arts centre, Culturlann McAdam Ó Fiaich, and Culture Vannin to enable Ruth, Mary Ann and eoghan to develop an album and live tour of traditional and new-composed songs and music.

The ocean is never far from the music, whether it be classic sailors ballads, tragic drowning laments, magical songs of sea creatures or wry commentary on human exploitation of the marine environment.

The singers are joined by Argyll guitarist, Finlay Wells Clare fiddler Ultan O'Brien and Gordon MacLean on bass. Aon Tenga: Un çhengey is grateful to Enterprise Music Scotland and Colmcille (The Columba Project) for their support of live performance in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. Supported by Isle of Man Arts Council and PRS for Music Foundation.