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Mull Little Theatre Seats For Sale

19 Aug 2018

This comfortable art deco style tip-up seating was installed at Mull Little Theatre in the late 1980s and remained there until the theatre moved in 2006, the seats increased the capacity of the venue from 37 to a massive 43! Nevertheless, the theatre remained in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest professional theatre in the world. The seats had previously been part of the seating bank at the Highland Theatre (now the Phoenix cinema) in Oban but were brought over to Mull when the cinema went through a refurbishment.

Installed in 6 tight rows these were surprisingly comfortable, deeply sprung and upholstered. The rows were, however, pretty awkward for anyone with long legs as the theatre wanted to squeeze as many people in as possible. Without the row of seating in front and in the comfort of your own home or workplace, they are pleasantly roomy and a joy to sit on.

We have kept the seats in safe, dry storage for the last ten years so they are in great condition. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a special piece of theatre history. We are asking £300 for a triple, and £250 for a double set, including VAT.

The seats can be viewed at Mull Theatre, Druimfin, near Tobermory. For more details or to view please contact: 01688 302673