Lorraine Jones, Finance Officer (PT)

Lorraine grew up in London and has been working her way north ever since. After 30 years in York, Lorraine has made it to Mull and has been in Tobermory for nearly three years.

After a variety of jobs including children’s nanny, shop-owner and accountant Lorraine and her husband Brian decided to retire early and live on their ill-gotten gains. Lorraine responded to a cry for help and applied for a part-time temporary post helping out in Comar’s finance office for “a few weeks” and now seems to be trapped there. So far, attempts to rescue her and return her to morning lie-ins and daytime television have not been successful. Meanwhile, she hopes to remain as part of the Comar team – if only because it means she gets out of doing any housework!

Outside work (and at work too) Lorraine tries to encourage the purchase of Fairtrade products.  She is actively involved with the Mull & Iona U3A and with the parish church.