Tracey Holland  

Tracey Holland - Magnetic Atlas

Sat 25 Aug - Fri 2 Nov 2018

Tracey Holland 
Magnetic Atlas

Sat 25 Aug - Fri 2 Nov
An Tobar Gallery
Opening Night Sat 25 Aug, 6-8pm. All welcome.

Mull Makers  

Mull Makers

Sat 25 Aug - Fri 2 Nov 2018

South West Mull Makers is a new venture by a group of ten artists and makers living and working in South West Mull. The group opened a gallery...

Theatre Seats  

This comfortable art deco style tip-up seating was installed at Mull Little Theatre in the late 1980s and remained there until the theatre moved...

Tobermory Book Festival  

Tobermory Book Festival

Thu 25 Oct - Sun 28 Oct 2018
Talks & Events

AROS HALL 3 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. Alan McKirdy
co-author of Land of Mountain and Flood and author of Mull, Iona and...


Nothing by Lulu Raczka

Sat 27 Oct 2018

Druimfin, Tobermory

Nothing takes its form as a series of monologues pulsating with reflections of modern society’s youth. Amongst talk of customer service, terrible...

Address Unknown  

Address Unknown

Fri 2 Nov 2018

Druimfin, Tobermory

Mull Residents Theatre presents a staged reading of Address Unknown. Performed by David Graham and Colin Govan and supported by Mull Theatre....

Centenary Celebration  
Talks & Events

Aros Hall, Tobermory

In 1918, the Representation of the People Act was passed, granting the right to vote to women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification...

Home Fires Broken Sons  

Home Fires Broken Sons

Sun 11 Nov 2018
Talks & Events

An Tobar, Tobermory

Commissioned as part of the Argyll and Bute Council’s First World War commemorative celebrations, the Taynuilt-based theatre company has been...


Dance & Drama Classes

17 Sep 2018

All classes start the week beginning Monday 17 September

We have a variety of fun, vibrant and creative performing arts classes for all...

Art in Motion  
Art Theatre

Druimfin, Tobermory

Art In Motion has been an exciting new collaborative and intergenerational project incorporating contemporary dance and art in all its forms. The...


Call to Artists


An Tobar's Winter Open Exhibition
17 November - 22 December 2018

Artists are invited...


National Theatre of Scotland #Exchange2018...


What Is Mull Theatre?

20 Nov 2018

We’ve been around a long time! Mull Theatre has been creating top quality professional touring theatre productions for over 50 years. Established...

Mull Theatre Update  

Comar's Director, Alasdair McCrone, talks to Marketing manager Calum Hall, about what's coming up at Mull Theatre.

What About  

W-hat About

Sat 19 Jan 2019
Theatre Families

Druimfin, Tobermory

When hatmaker Robert is reunited with his Italian granddaughters, cultures collide, communications are crossed and fears are fought.


NEW Membership Scheme  

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Theatre Tokens  

There's a little theatre in us all!

Theatre Tokens are unique gift vouchers with no expiry date that can be used to see shows at over 240...

Christmas Gifts  

An Tobar Shop

24 May 2017

The shop at An Tobar has many exciting and inspirational gift ideas! Activity cases, superhero sets and baking kits for the active little ’uns in...

An Tobar Cafe  

An Tobar Veggie Café

01 May 2017

Café Opening Times:  
Oct to Dec, Tue to Sat, 11am-4pm

The An Tobar Veggie Café is open this autumn, Tuesday to Saturday, serving...

Mull Youth Theatre  

Mull Youth Theatre

19 Feb 2017

Mull Youth Theatre provides exciting, vibrant and stimulating youth opportunities. The children and young adults can discover, explore and...


Comar is pleased to announce that its application to Creative Scotland for Regular Funding for 2018-21 has been successful. We have been awarded £...


FANK is an ongoing community project incorporating a new public artwork within a restored and repurposed stone enclosure deep in the forest on the...

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