Dugald MacInnes  

Dugald MacInnes - Intrusions

Sat 9 Jun - Fri 17 Aug 2018

An Tobar, Tobermory

Dugald MacInnes - Intrusions

9 June-17 August

Working principally with local slate, Scottish artist Dugald MacInnes's...

Sarah Darling  

Sarah Darling - Aros Revisited

Sat 9 Jun - Fri 17 Aug 2018

Aros Revisited

Sarah Darling

9 June - 17  August

This exhibition by local photographer Sarah Darling visually explores the...


Written by Kate Stevens. Devised by Mull Youth Theatre.

Join our island girl, Breagha, as she discovers the LGBTQ+ community and the...

Lori Watson  

Lori Watson

Tue 26 Jun 2018

Lori Watson is a fiddle player, singer and composer. She has drawn on the rich tradition of the Scottish Borders throughout her artistic life,...


Mendelssohn On Mull

Mon 2 Jul - Sun 8 Jul 2018

Across Mull

The Mendelssohn on Mull Festival was founded in 1988 to celebrate the visit of the composer to Mull and Staffa in 1829.  The young musician came...


Comar is looking for an administrator to help our exciting and busy arts organisation to continue to successfully deliver our artistic programme...


Helen Milne Productions in association with Mull Theatre are bringing epic new a cappella musical Islander to full production this summer before...

Lomond Campbell  

Lomond Campbell

Tue 10 Jul 2018

Hurled in to turmoil as a result of being turfed out his rented flat and eager to flee the clamour and turbulence of the city, Lomond Campbell...

Cat Loud  

Cat Loud Sings Torch Songs

Thu 12 Jul 2018

Cat Loud sings Torch Songs
torch song (n.)
a sad or sentimental love song, typically about unrequited love

Meghan Blanchard  

Meaghan Blanchard

Tue 17 Jul 2018

Meaghan Blanchard is a hugely talented singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Island in Canada who has sung and written songs since early childhood...

Hamish Hawk  

'If The Smiths, The Strokes and Siouxsie & The Banshees morphed into one, then low and behold, you would have the unstoppable sound of Hamish...

Mary Ann Kennedy  

Mary Ann Kennedy

Wed 1 Aug - Thu 2 Aug 2018

A Gael from multi-cultural Glasgow, Mary Ann Kennedy’s life has been one of music. From a revered tradition-bearer family, the Campbells of Greepe...

Scottish Ensemble  

Clarinet Quintet in A major

Clarinet Quintet in B minor

John Luther Adams
The Wind in High Places [...


Weekly Dance Classes

15 Jan 2018

Dance & Drama Classes at Mull Theatre & An Tobar

All classes resume Monday 8 January 2018


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Mull Youth Theatre  

Mull Youth Theatre is 1 of 7 young companies across Britain to have been chosen to be a part of the National Theatre of Scotland’s exchange 2018...

Christmas Gifts  

An Tobar Shop

24 May 2017

The shop at An Tobar has many exciting and inspirational gift ideas! Activity cases, superhero sets and baking kits for the active little ’uns in...

An Tobar Cafe  

An Tobar Veggie Café

01 May 2017

Café Opening Times: 
Jan to Apr, Tue to Sat, 11am-4pm  
May, Tue to Sat, 11am-5pm  
Jun to Aug, Mon to Sat, 10am-5pm
Sep, Tue...

Mull Youth Theatre  

Mull Youth Theatre

19 Feb 2017

Mull Youth Theatre provides exciting, vibrant and stimulating youth opportunities. The children and young adults can discover, explore and...


Comar is pleased to announce that its application to Creative Scotland for Regular Funding for 2018-21 has been successful. We have been awarded £...


FANK is an ongoing community project incorporating a new public artwork within a restored and repurposed stone enclosure deep in the forest on the...

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